Little house of big love

Non-descript, fairly small and choppy on the inside, this little house was a blessing when we found it. Finally deciding it was best for our family and future to settle in Kansas City, we needed to rent something quickly. The house was just big enough for our then family of five. It provided bedrooms for all and a spare room for frequent guests. 

Sure, there were inconveniences. The backyard always flooded. There was little grass, which made for lots of muddy paw prints from our barrage of dogs on rainy days. The hardwood floors were loose and creaked every step you took. The closets so small, we had to keep some things hanging in the basement. 

Ah, the basement. Dark, damp, and dank. With the laundry stationed there, frequent visits down those steep and narrow stairs were necessary. With a family of five, many trips to the laundry are necessary. No matter how many jaunts I made up and down those steps, however, it never did much for my physique.  

 Then, one day, we became a family of six. Plans to purchase a home had always been on the list, but the arrival of our fourth child gave us a gentle push. We needed more room. It was a relief when we found our new home. We were all excited and our future home became a focus for everyone. 

It wasn’t until moving day started creeping up that I started becoming sentimental about our little home. I started thinking about the family milestones this house had seen us through, and it has been quite remarkable for the short time we have been here. Now, instead of being excited to rush forward, I pause to think of our time here. 

This house was full of “firsts” for me. It was the first home I shared as a family with my wife and stepchildren. It’s where I was proposed to for the first time. It was where I lived when I became a married woman. It’s where I brought home my first baby. It’s where I became a mom. It’s where I have spent the happiest days of my life.

We have had losses here. In between all our good times, we lost three beloved pets while we lived in this house. In their absence, we made room for new four legged friends. We loved each other through the losses and celebrated new lives.

This family of six became whole in this little house. While we pack up our belongings and switch utilities over to a new residence, I can’t help but think how special this little house is. I hope the next family brings as much life to it as we did. Little house, you will always be in our hearts. I’ll be in the neighborhood and I’ll check on you from time to time.  

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